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Disability Network/ Michigan member CILs are consumer driven, community based, cross disability organizations that promote independence and self determination for people with disabilities. They are consumer driven because people with disabilities form a majority of their governing boards, as well as a majority of their staffs and a majority of individuals in decision making positions. They are “community based” because they are designed and operated by people with disabilities within their local communities.

The goal of CILs is to assure that people with disabilities have the services and supports essential to make informed choices, to have personal control over their own lives, and to participate to the fullest extent possible in the everyday activities of work, home, family, and community.

CILs are authorized under Title VII of the federal Rehabilitation Act and are supported by funding from a variety of federal, state, and local sources. They provide an array of Independent Living (IL) services and supports tailored to the needs identified by the local disability community. CIL community development activities remove barrier to independence and increase local options available to people with disabilities. They include:

  • Community needs assessment
  • Inter-agency coordination
  • Systems advocacy for needed community change (especially the development of needed services resources)
  • Technical assistance to other organizations and agencies on disability matters
  • Public information and education
  • Outreach to unserved and underserved consumers

CIL direct services “empower” people with disabilities to take responsibility for their own lives, achieve personal goals, and become more effective members of their families and communities. They include the IL core services of:

  • Advocacy
  • Information & Referral
  • School to Work Transition
  • Peer Support
  • IL Skills Support
  • Transition to Community Based Living

Based upon consumer and community needs, CILs additionally provide other needed services not available within the community.

Eligibility: People with disabilities of all ages and characteristics are eligible for IL services.