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Democracy In Action (DIA)

Disability Network/Michigan and its member CILs use the Democracy In Action (DIA) Salsa Platform to raise awareness of issues affecting people with disabilities, organize letter-writing campaigns, send e-blasts, and keep members of the Disability Community up to date on legislative issues. DIA is a non-profit organization which provides web-based tools that enable non-profit organizations to coordinate campaigns.

To join Disability Network’s DIA Campaign, click here.

Some issues that Disability Network/Michigan is currently following include:

  • Mental Health Parity in Michigan: This would require health insurance policies that provide mental health coverage to provide it at the same level as physical health coverage
  • Elimination of the use of seclusion and restraint in schools except in emergency situations
  • Income tax credit for certain renovations made to the home of a senior citizen or person with a disability
  • Inclusion of wheelchair ramps under durable medical equipment insurance coverage
  • Providing mental health services to individuals diverted from jail and allowing for diversion from jail for certain individuals